Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016


  • How do I use the name to search for the product?

Type the brand name and the model number of the product you are looking for in the search bar and tap then tap the search button. If this doesn’t give you the specific product you are searching, you can use a different but related product. Also, make sure the spelling of the product is correct. You can also enter a description of the product using the primary keyword.

  • How do I use the keyword to search for the product?

Choose a specific word and insert it in a group of words in the search box. That word should be well selected to depict the product you are looking for. For instance, you may type “Best laptop devices” in the search box and then click on the search button. Here, the keyword is the laptop. To be more specific, utilise the benefit of a group of words. Think about the probable words that may pop up on the search pages you are interested in. Similarly, try to use more than one target word as possible as you can. Remember that the more target words you include in the group of words, the more likely the inquiry it is to give you better results.

  • How do I order a product online?

To order a product online, click the Add button on the top to add the product on the cart. That saves the product in your cart so you can easily access it when making a purchase. You can continuously add the products you need to purchase in the cart. When you are done adding the products you need in the cart, click on the cart icon located on the top right side. You can then view and manage all your orders added in the cart by clicking on the “view cart.” If you don’t want to adjust the products in your cart, proceed to checkout. This option takes you through the checkout procedure where you have to give your billing and delivery addresses, the method of delivery, the method of payment. Then click on the confirm button to place your order. If you want to make more purchases from Carepro Shop Online, click on the “Continue” button located on the right button side.

  • How do I use my phone to order products online?

To use your phone to place an order, you may reach us through 1866-217-8582.  We provide friendly customer care services which are personalised to our customers.

  • Is it possible to make changes to my orders?

If the product is in the original state and it has not been removed from its box or not yet delivered, there are some changes we can make on your ordered product such as colour and size. Don’t hesitate to reach us via 1866-217-8582 whenever you seem it necessary to make these modifications on your order. However, there is also another way out-you can follow the given guidelines and cancel the order and then reorder the product with needed changes. It is important to note that Carepro Shop Online has a straightforward system that is dedicated to clear the order to the intended customer as soon as they initiate the order. As such, once you have modified your order to the processing status, we may not be in a position to add or remove items to your cart after processing the order.


  • Is it necessary to register an account to make purchases?

It is essential to create an account with Carepro Shop Online to get access to additional features which are not available for clients with guest accounts. With an account, you can save several shipping and billing addresses and this information is filled only once as opposed to guest accounts where you have to fill information any time you need to make a purchase. Besides, a registered account consists of all information related to product order history, transactions, return requests, reward points and wish list. This information is beneficial during your purchases. You can track your shipments. Besides, the shopping cart that you create and fail to complete is saved with the selected products, and you can still retrieve it later in case you need it.

  • What are the conditions for generating a strong password?

A strong password should be anything between 4-20 characters. You need to use both numbers, special characters, lower case, and upper-case alphabets. You can also include a whitespace to make it stronger if you love it. Remember that passwords are case sensitive in which the upper case and lower case are treated differently. So, you are allowed to utilise different capitalisation and a mixture of letters.

  • I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you cannot remember your Carepro Shop Online, you can retrieve it through the email you used for account registration. To do that, go to the Forgot Password Page and follow the prompts.

  • I need to change my password. What should I do?

If you want to change your Carepro Shop Online password, you can recover it using your email by going to Forgot password section. When prompted to give an email address, make sure you give the same email you used to register the account. After providing the relevant email address, you will receive an email with instructions to change your password. After this, you can follow the same process to reset your password whenever you forget it.


  • How do I register for an Exclusive Carepro Shop Online Email Newsletter?

You need to register for an Exclusive Carepro Shop Online Email Newsletter in order to receive new arrivals. To get Email Newsletter, it is mandatory to have a Carepro Shop Online account. If you are registering the account for the first time, you can sign up for the newsletter alongside account registration. If you already own an account, log in to your account, on the homepage, click subscribe/unsubscribe and the choose “Yes” radio button. From now henceforth you will start receiving new notifications.


  • What is Carepro Shop Online privacy policy?

The privacy of our clients comes first to us. We don’t give your information to the third party whatsoever. We utilise the info you give us for order processing or send emails and catalogs to you at your request. To understand more about this, kindly go to our policy and read them.

  • What actions does Carepro Shop Online take to curb card fraud?

Carepro Shop Online understands the importance of uncompromised fraud detection ability. Our staff of qualified personnel together with our payment partners keep a consistent tracking for all transaction activities to detect and abort any suspicious payments. We offer manual verification process to make sure all payments systems are certified. If we cannot verify the transactions, all transactions are kept on hold, and we instruct the customer to give us identity documents to ascertain that the payments are initiated by certified card order.


  • Does keeping a record make things better?

Absolutely, yes. It does. Signing up an account with Carepro Shop Online gives you an opportunity to: Trach the order status, see your request history, request for return, use various billing and delivery addresses, add more products in your cart and wish list to retrieve them easily whenever you need to make purchases.

  • What if I cannot remember my account password, or want to change it?

I you forget your password or just want to use a new one, go to the password page and send an email to the email address you registered your account with. You will get an email with guidelines on how to change your old password. Follow the prompts and change it. If you need to change it in the future, repeat the process.

  • How do I edit my Carepro Shop Online profile?

To edit your Carepro Shop Online account, log in and then tap on “My account.” Then choose “Edit my account information.” On this page, you can modify your first name, middle name, last name, email id, and contact number. You can also modify your password, wish list and email address.


  • What do I do if the products I receive are damaged?

If you receive a damaged product, we provide a four weeks-replacement guarantee to return the damaged or defective products and get the new ones. If you encounter this unfortunate issue, don’t hesitate to call our help desk at 1866-217-8582. Alternatively, you can email us to

  • How can I buy products from Carepro Shop Online?

You can either call Carepro Shop Online or just log into your account and then order the product online. We don’t process the orders placed via an email. We accept Debit and Cards. You can also make payments through PayPal as well.

  • Will I get a confirmation of the status of my product order?

If you successfully place your order, you will receive a “success” message reading “Your order has been successfully placed” on the same section.

  • Do I receive a notification to confirm my shipment?

Yes. We send you an email when we have completed processing of your product for shipment.

  • What should I do if I do not get the product I ordered?

The shipment of your product usually takes 1-14 days. If you don’t get your product within this period, call or send an email to our help desk for assistance.


  • How is the checkout process of Carepro Shop Online?

If you possess a coupon code or gift voucher, you can use them to get an additional discount on the products you order.

  • Select checkout option.

The registered clients are supposed to follow for steps for the checkout process. However, for unregistered clients with Carepro Shop Online, you need to use the Guest Checkout process where you have to give personal details to go through the process which follows six steps.

  • Enter Billing Address.

Choose the billing address. If it is the same as shipping address, you will be automatically redirected to the method of delivery to continue with the purchasing process.

  • Choose the delivery option.

In this section, you should provide your shipping address where you need your order delivered to. If you have different shipping and billing addresses, you need to indicate that by ticking the box “My shipping and billing addresses are different” and then give the appropriate shipping address in the Delivery details section. You should tap “Continue” to confirm you have provided the correct delivery details.

  • Select the method of payment.

Choose the preferred method of payment that you want to use. You should also cross check the entered details of payments to make sure they are correct to avoid possible delays in the checkout process.

  • Confirmed order.

To complete the purchasing process, you need to confirm the order by clicking on the “Confirm Order.”

  • What are the total number of gift vouchers and coupon codes that I can use at the checkout?

You can utilise a maximum of only one gift voucher or coupon code to get an additional discount on the products in your cart.

  • How do I get promotions codes and discounts from Carepro Shop Online?

To win promotional and coupon codes from Carepro Shop Online, you should subscribe to our newsletter using your email. So, we will send you updates to your email about the new arrivals and deals so you can take advantage of them.


  • I have queries about my order. How can I reach you?

You can reach us through our toll-free contact 1866-217-8582 or send an email to


  • What is the Return Policy Process of Carepro Shop Online?

There is a well-outlined process of returning a product. A customer should follow it strictly. You are required to ask for refund request number from Carepro Shop Online to initiate and complete the return process. For more info, see our Return Policy page.

  • How do I initiate the return process?

To initiate a return process of a particular product, you should ask for Return Merchandise Authorisation number. Usually, Carepro Shop Online takes a day to generate this return request number. Once we receive this number, we take between 1-14 days to resolve the issues raised by our clients.

  • Can I return a gift product?

Yes. But you need to reach to us either through a call or email for assistance. If you can provide location address, names, and zip code of the gift sender, we can start the return process immediately we have those details.

  • How long do you take to process a request for returns?

Carepro Shop Online offers a 30-day warranty. After the generation of return request number, the entire process takes ut-most fourteen business days.

  • How much does it take the company to generate a Return Request number?

It takes typically twenty-four (24) hours to come up with a refund request number for the product.


  • How do I make payments for Carepro Shop Online products and what methods of payment do you accept?

Carepro Shop Online offers a myriad of order payment options to its clients. Whatever the online payment method you choose to use, Carepro Shop Online makes sure that our payment gateway authorities take advantage of secure encryption technology to ensure that your transaction details are always safeguarded. You can choose to use a Debit or credit card option which ensures top-notch payment processing. PayPal is also a secure method of payment you can consider too.


  • Is sales tax charged on the products I purchase from Carepro Shop Online?

The final product of the price offered by Carepro Shop Online includes the sales tax. So, no additional tax will be deducted after you purchase the product from our online shop.


  • How do I track my new product order?

After you place your order with Carepro Shop Online, you can track current order history by going to the “Order History” page in your Carepro Shop Online account. Here, you can see the ordered product’s ID, the date when you made the order, the total number of products ordered, the order status, and the total billing amount.

  • How do I evaluate my purchase history?

To check and evaluate your purchase history, log into your account and tap on “Transaction” tab to access a detailed data of all the orders such as order description, date and transaction amount.